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Ensuring the success and longevity of Waypoint's future, our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are of immense value to the programs and services we provide. The following board members are helping to further Waypoint's mission in fiscal year 2018:

Board of Directors Fiscal Year 2018

•  Sam Houston, Sam Houston, FY17/FY18 President

Health Solutions, Executive Vice President/Principal

•  Teri Copler, FY19 President Elect

TrueNorth, Owner, Senior Benefit Advisor

•  Anna Milbach, FY17/FY18 Secretary

US Bank, Vice President

•  Stephanie Phelps, FY17/FY18 Treasurer

AEGON USA Investment Management, LLC, Senior Vice President & CFO

•  Phil Akin

CoreComp Advisors, CEO; Vistage, Chair; Akin Enterprises, CEO

•  Bryan Brunow, CMO, PM

Primus Companies

•  Ms. Anne H. Carter

Alliant Energy, Director, Energy Efficiency

•  Brianne Cummins

US Cellular, Corridor Retail Area Sales Manager

•  Kelly DeCamp

Cargill, Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers Account Representative

•  Tricia Hoffman-Simanek

Shuttleworth and Ingersoll, Senior VP, Attorney

•  Cameron Holzer

CRST Expedited, President

•  Margaret Horsfield

Rockwell Collins, Program Manager

•  Janice Kerkove

Bradley & Riley PC, Attorney

•  Jill Mast

de Novo Alternative, Marketing Director of Client Services

•  Janice McInally

Coe College, Community Volunteer

•  Wendy Nielsen

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, VP Marketing & Public Relations

•  Danielle Rings

MODE, Owner

•  Leslie Schwarting

Mercy Medical Center, Senior Director Physician Collaboration

•  Dennis Thompson

Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Owner

•  Jason Vestweber

VB&S at Skogman Realty, Realtor, CRS, GRI

Board of Trustees Fiscal Year 2018

•  Dr. Clayton Parks
•  Terri Christoffersen
•  Kathy Eno
•  Sally Gray
•  Sharon Carmody-Holmes
•  Barbara Knapp
•  Jeff Lara
•  C. John Linge
•  Kate Minette
•  Diane Riccolo

Lifetime Trustees

•  Harold Becker
•  Marilyn Magid
•  Jay Petersen
•  Julianne Smith

Trustees In Memoriam

•  Russell Knapp
•  Audrey Linge-Ovel
•  Scott McIntyre
•  Madge Phillips

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