An Afternoon with KidsPoint

December 04, 2018 at 1:52 PM

By Taylor Nelson, Resource Development & Marketing Intern

Getting to spend a day with the kids at KidsPoint meant being chased around the playground, finding and giving opinions on toys, and seeing the sweetness of the children and dedication of the teachers. When I first got the tour of the facility, between the babies in the Red Room and the 5-year-olds of the Rainbow Room, it was hard to choose which class to visit first. It was nap time for most of the classrooms, so I decided to visit the Red Room first.

The babies were practicing tummy time, being given a bottle, or sitting in a play chair. I observed each child before trying to entertain them with toys. As soon as one noticed I was playing with another, they wanted my attention, too. The next 20 minutes were spent moving toys and affections from one child to the next to keep them happy and entertained.

My next stop was the indoor playground to join one of the classes enjoying their play time. The indoor play area has a roller slide, a boat structure, a mini house, a tunnel, tire swings, a basketball hoop, and a climbing structure. After one kid wanted to play tag, the whole class began to chase me, and that trend continued when the next three classes came in! The kids eagerly told me about themselves and how their day was going.

The slide was another subject of attention. I alternated between making sure everyone went down on their bottom to remain safe. Soon, the kids wanted to include their friends in going down the slide and would wait until two or three could slide down at the same time.

Through the four or so classes I observed and interacted with, I noticed how the kids shared and the teachers made sure everyone was safe and following the rules. I had been interning at Waypoint for a few weeks and knew some limited information about KidsPoint, but getting to spend time in the classrooms with the kids and the teachers gave me a better idea of what the program does for the community. Actually seeing the impact first-hand made me even more proud to intern at Waypoint.

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