Clara Finds Support from Madge Phillips Center to Regain Custody of Her Daughter

June 04, 2019 at 10:22 AM




Every year, Waypoint’s Housing & Homeless Services works with thousands of individuals who are experiencing a housing crisis to support them in accessing safe, stable, permanent housing. One resource offered to these individuals is the Madge Phillips Center, which provides emergency overnight shelter to over 300 women and families with children each year. While they stay at the shelter, households are able to work with Housing Specialists to address their needs and barriers, making it possible for individuals like Clara to move forward in their lives.

Clara was connected to the Madge Phillips Center after staying with various family members and in an Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment facility. Because of her struggle with addiction and her daughter’s significant mental health needs, it had been difficult for her to meet their needs in order to become self-sufficient.

While Clara stayed at the Madge Phillips Center, her daughter was placed in foster care and then to a Residential Treatment Facility to better address her mental health needs. During this time, Clara worked closely with a Waypoint Housing Specialist to gain access to various community resources, including individual counseling and outpatient treatment for substance abuse.

With support from her Housing Specialist, Clara was able to secure an affordable apartment in Cedar Rapids and began preparing for her daughter’s return home. Along with her own counseling, she stayed engaged in her daughter’s treatment and was eventually able to regain custody.

It is because of supporters like you that Clara and her daughter were able to secure safe, stable housing and move one step closer to becoming the family they want to be. Give a gift today to continue changing lives of those in our community who need it most.


*Please note: names have been changed to protect confidentiality.


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