Family Secures Safe Housing with Waypoint's Help

April 06, 2018 at 3:34 PM

hispanic_family.jpgThis past spring, a family had lost their housing with no other options. They became homeless and began living out of their van. Their children were finishing up the school year, which meant they no longer had a safe space to come home to after school. The family received notice their vehicle would be towed and began reaching out to Waypoint's Centralized Intake Program to inquire about open shelter beds.

Waypoint’s staff collaborated with two shelters in the community to find a temporary sheltering option while the family waited for a space large enough to accommodate their family size to become available. It was not long before Waypoint reached out to the family letting them know there was a 30 day shelter spot available.

The children were able to finish the school year in a safe, stable shelter with available showers and a full kitchen to prepare hot, nutritious meals. This family has since moved out of emergency shelter and is in their own stable housing.

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