An Internship With a Meaningful Cause | Shanae King

April 26, 2019 at 10:32 AM

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My name is Shanae King. I’ve been interning at Waypoint since January in the Resource Development & Marketing (RDM) department. I’m in my last semester at Kirkwood, and I will be graduating with a Marketing Management Associates degree this spring. I graduated from Marion Home School Assistance Program in 2018. I’m the oldest of four children; I grew up around Cedar Rapids and had heard about Waypoint since I was a child. I have always had a passion for encouraging people who are struggling, which is what first attracted me to Waypoint. 

When I was searching for an internship and I came across Waypoint, I knew it was right opportunity for me. I loved that through this internship, I would be helping people and supporting such meaningful causes. As soon as I started my internship, I was introduced to each way that Waypoint inspires people to move forward. I was given the opportunity to spend time with each of the services that Waypoint offers and learn more about the work they do. I was so touched and encouraged to see how active the mission of Waypoint is within each program. Everyone was always kind and welcoming, which helped me to quickly adjust, feel comfortable, and most importantly, learn about the work they do and the way I can use my skills to make a difference.

During my internship, I worked to support the RDM team in any way I was capable. Sometimes this meant folding letters and stuffing envelopes, and other times it meant working on content creation for Waypoint’s social media pages. I also worked on promoting upcoming events and campaigns. I loved that my tasks varied from day-to-day, so I never knew what new skills I would be learning or strengthening. I loved getting the career-like experience and experiencing the atmosphere at Waypoint. Waypoint definitely helped me expand my skill base in ways that will be useful to me throughout my life, especially in my career.

Tribute to Women of Achievement, a fundraising luncheon hosted by Waypoint in February, was probably the highlight of my internship experience. I was able to attend the event, which meant I got to see firsthand how our marketing efforts helped the event thrive. The event also showed the impact that the services offered by Waypoint actually have on the community, which made working on the event that much more meaningful.

I have enjoyed my internship at Waypoint very much and am very thankful for the opportunity I was given. I feel that I have grown as a person and in my understanding of marketing as a result of my internship here. The value of the knowledge I gained from my experience here is priceless. My heart has also grown closer to the idea of working for a cause that I believe in and the nonprofit world in general. Waypoint has inspired me to seek a job in which the primary goal is to benefit others. I feel that this internship has helped, encouraged, and taught me many skills that I wouldn’t have been able to gain anywhere else. I will continue to support Waypoint even though my internship has ended because they are inspiring people to forward in ways that most organizations cannot do, and I want to continue to be part of it.


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