KidsPoint Kicks off a New School Year

September 03, 2019 at 9:57 AM

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As summer comes to a close, a new school year is just beginning for children attending KidsPoint Learning Center and Preschools. August marks the time when room transitions take place for enrolled children ages six weeks to 5 years-old. In the weeks leading up to the transition, children and their caregivers were invited to see their new classrooms and meet their teachers.

Once the school year began, opening themes and study topics for the classrooms included:

  • Welcome friends
  • Getting to know you
  • Classroom rules and routines
  • My family
  • Pets
  • Feelings

Through developmentally-appropriate activities with themes like these, KidsPoint’s Creative Curriculum© supports the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth of each child. This learning is further enhanced by stimulating classrooms led by warm, experienced teachers dedicated to helping children fulfill their potential. These rooms include:

  • Red Room: Six weeks to six months-old
  • Orange Room: Six months to 12 months-old
  • Yellow Room: 12 months to 18 months-old
  • Green Room: 18 months to 24 months-old
  • Blue Room: Two to three years-old
  • Purple Room: Three to four years-old
  • Rainbow Room: Four to five years-old

According to Early Childhood Iowa, “There are approximately 2,000 days between birth and the first day of kindergarten. These first 2,000 days have a profound impact on a child’s future wellbeing, ability to learn, and overall life success.” Understanding the importance of this fact, KidsPoint makes every moment of a child’s day count through positive learning experiences and nurturing care.

This proactive approach has resulted in 98% of children graduating from a KidsPoint Learning Center and Preschool being developmentally on track for kindergarten. With about one in three local children entering kindergarten without skills needed to succeed according to United Way of East Central Iowa, KidsPoint’s impact in children’s lives is helping move the community forward.

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