Sandy and Randall's Story

April 07, 2017 at 3:55 PM

couple love.jpgAfter a family member was diagnosed with a serious illness, Sandy and Randall decided to move to Cedar Rapids to help care for that family member. Previously, Sandy and Randall had been living down south in their Recreational Vehicle (RV).

This made their move north easy, as they were able to bring their home with them. When they arrived in Cedar Rapids, they found an empty lot and began paying rent on that lot to park their RV, while looking for an apartment.

Although they relocated to Cedar Rapids in the summer, it was late in the fall before they found an apartment complex willing to accept Randall’s companion animal, which he needs for mental health purposes. The apartment complex notified Sandy and Randall that their application had been approved and that they could sign their lease as soon as they paid the deposit and first month’s rent. 

While both Sandy and Randall had income, they did not have enough saved, so they decided to sell their RV since they would no longer be needing it. When they went to the apartment complex to pay the deposit, rent and sign the lease, they were informed that the other residents did not approve of Randall’s companion animal and that their application had subsequently been denied, leaving them homeless just as the temperatures were beginning to drop.

They resorted to sleeping in their vehicle at night until they were informed about the area overflow shelter. They began staying at the overflow shelter every night until a spot opened at one of the local shelters. Once in shelter, they began working with a Housing Specialist at Waypoint and were approved for the Rapid Re-Housing Program. Within 30 days, they were able to successfully obtain permanent housing and are now thriving in their rental home.

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