Waypoint Celebrates National Volunteer Week

April 17, 2018 at 3:44 PM

Waypoint Loves Volunteers Photo.jpgApril 15-21 is National Volunteer Week! All month long, Waypoint has been working hard to recognize the work of our amazing volunteers through social media, thank you cards, and a variety of other ways to attempt to express our gratitude. Volunteers are essential to fulfilling our mission, inspiring people to move forward. Many of our events, services, and programs depend on the time and talent of our volunteers.

Currently, Waypoint is going through the process to become a Certified Service Enterprise Organization to ensure the volunteer program is managed effectively and efficiently to move our mission forward. Part of this process involved developing a Volunteer Vision Statement, which can be found below:

Waypoint is committed to leveraging the strength and skills of community volunteers to support and empower people in crisis to move forward in their lives. By strategically utilizing volunteers, Waypoint will ensure that:
• a variety of opportunities are available for community members to gain new or utilize current skills while supporting our mission,
• adequate training, support, and mentorship is offered,
• volunteers feel empowered to advocate for proactive solutions to end poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence,
• and the community understands the value and impact of their work, our programs, and the services offered.

Waypoint truly values our volunteers and the skills they bring to our organization. When volunteers share their time, they change lives by providing our clients with resources, advocacy, and support. Whether serving as advocates, committee members for events, classroom aids, or the several other roles our volunteers fill, they are truly making a difference in people’s lives. Without volunteers, thousands of individuals in the communities we call home would not have a voice or access to critical resources. Without our volunteers, there would be no Waypoint.
Are you ready to share your time and change a life? Learn more about Waypoint’s volunteer opportunities by visiting our volunteer page or calling 319.731.6118 today!

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