Waypoint’s Tribute to Women Honor Society awards Women Helping Women Scholarship

March 16, 2018 at 9:59 AM

Tribute Honor Society List.jpegWaypoint hosted the 36th Annual Tribute to Women of Achievement Luncheon on Feb. 22, 2018. For the past 36 years, Waypoint has honored women in the community who excel in leadership, service, their personal lives, and the arts through this event.

The nominees never fail to inspire with their outstanding work ethic and dedication to their community, businesses, and organizations. However, their support doesn’t end after Tribute. Honorees of Tribute to Women of Achievement are invited to become members of the exclusive Tribute to Women Honor Society  which funds Waypoint’s Women Helping Women Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to women utilizing Waypoint’s programs and are working hard to achieve their goals related to education, career building, or basic needs.

This year, three women were fortunate to receive the Women Helping Women Scholarship to assist them in achieving their goals of furthering their education, ensuring their children have access to high quality child care, and lifting the financial burden off their family.

Jackalyn is one of the three recipients of this year’s Women Helping Women Scholarship. She works with a Victim Advocate for emotional support and assistance with navigating the legal process after experiencing domestic violence. Jackalyn credited Waypoint with helping her gain back her confidence to become independent and raise her children to have the life she knows they deserve. She feels that going back to school is critical to regaining her financial independence, and she will use her scholarship to meet her goals and achieve empowerment as a mother and a survivor.

Jessica was the second recipient of this year’s Women Helping Women Scholarship. She is a dedicated single mother of three boys, all under the age of five. Jessica has been a Waypoint/KidsPoint family since 2016 and benefits from KidsPoint’s Sliding Scale-Fee Assistance Program to provide her children with high quality child care. She works hard to ensure her children have a life full of love, stability, and security. Without financial assistance, Jessica struggles to pay her bills and provide the necessities for her children. The scholarship will help with child care costs so her children can remain in KidsPoint Child Care while she continues to work toward financial stability. 

Rachelle is the third recipient of this year’s Women Helping Women Scholarship. Through Waypoint’s guidance, she has been able to establish housing stability for her and her son. Rachelle has benefited from Waypoint’s Rapid Re-Housing Program and participated in Waypoint Wonderland. She is currently employed and working on providing security for her family. Rachelle plans to use her scholarship to help lift a bit of the financial burden that can often impedes a family’s healthy development.

Thank you to the members of Waypoint’s Tribute to Women Honor Society for making the Women Helping Women Scholarship possible and for continuing to reflect Waypoint’s mission of moving people forward! Without you, Jackalyn, Jessica, and Rachelle would not have been given the opportunity and support needed to achieve their goals!

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