What is Domestic Violence and Dating Violence?

Domestic violence and dating violence is an ongoing pattern of behavior designed to gain and maintain power and control over a partner or former partner in an intimate relationship. Tactics include physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse, as well as coercion, threats, isolation, using the children, and other tactics.

Examples of domestic violence and dating violence abusive behaviors:

  • To withhold approval, appreciation or affection as punishment; 
  • To continually criticize you, call you names, shout at you; 
  • To ignore your feelings; 
  • To be very jealous, harassing you about imagined affairs; 
  • To manipulate you with lies and contradictions; 
  • To humiliate you in private or public; 
  • To insult or isolate you from your friends or family; 
  • To take car keys or money away from you; 
  • To lock you out of the house; 
  • To throw objects at you; 
  • To punch, shove, slap, bite, kick, choke, or hit you; 
  • To threaten to kidnap the children if you leave; 
  • To threaten to commit suicide or homicide if you leave; 
  • To undermine you in front of your children; 
  • To criticize your parenting and tell your children you are a bad parent.
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