Develop skills while impacting the community through volunteering

3 people.JPGBecome a member of Waypoint's invaluable volunteer team, and make a difference in the lives of those in crisis. Volunteers play a significant role in keeping Waypoint's programs running effectively and efficiently.

With many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, there's need for a variety of skillsets and talents.

Whether you're interested in spending an hour sorting donations or volunteering on an ongoing basis as a Homeless and Housing Services Volunteer, any amount of volunteering helps forward Waypoint's mission.  

Looking for an internship?

Check out all of our available internship opportunities and gain valuable skills and experience while helping others!

Find the volunteer opportunity that suits you best

Read through our volunteer opportunity descriptions to determine which one fits your interests and schedule. Make sure to include on your selections on your application. Once you have applied, a Waypoint staff member will contact you to discuss your interests and experience.

Editable volunteer application.

Looking to get involved, but not sure where to start? Waypoint is looking for enthusiastic, passionate volunteers to work with Homeless & Housing Services, Child Care Services, and Domestic Violence Victim Services. Ethel, a long-time volunteer with the Daytime Resource Program, discusses why she loves working with Waypoint:

“I started volunteering because I’ve always loved working with people, and this allows me to continue to help others. I’m not a rich person; I can’t buy things for people, but I enjoy bagging up [hygiene products] knowing it helps people out.”

Pam, who works with Waypoint’s Domestic Violence Victim Services Program, starting volunteering because she wanted to give back to the new community she was calling home.

“It is a very humbling experience when another person opens the door to their life and lets you in, especially in the wake of violence, loss, or trauma of any kind. I believe that it’s a sacred place and one to be entered into with care and empathy . . . to be trusted with another human being’s pain, to bear witness to the truth of their pain, and to bear the burden of that truth with them is sacred. I’m not sure I have the words beyond humbled and moved.”

Thank you for helping Waypoint improve the lives of families in need!

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