Untitled design (3).jpgI Believe in Waypoint’s Hope

Belief is the strength from which we build our hopes and dreams into something tangible. Something real. Visible. Actions come from belief, and so does hope. Any mission is going to have a belief behind it. I know for a fact that Waypoint has several. I see them sewn throughout our central values: Have Compassion, Instill Ownership, Empower People, and Embrace Diversity. I hear them entwined into our mission “to inspire people to move forward.” I feel them shared in our community with each phone call or meeting about ways to raise awareness and support for our services. Though we share why we believe in Waypoint throughout the year, the start of spring here marks a time when we share our beliefs in Waypoint in a way that is a little more connected to the financial cost of our cause with the I Believe Campaign.  

Untitled design (2).jpgEach year, we set a goal of raising $1,000 for every year of Waypoint’s operation. 2024 marks 130 years of serving the community, so our goal is $130,000. These funds are then used to support our four main programs, Housing Services, Domestic Violence Victim Support, Survivors’ Program, and KidsPoint Child Care, where they need it most in the upcoming year.  

With this, the heart of this campaign is sharing why people believe in Waypoint. I believe in Waypoint because I believe that everyone deserves support to move forward. When you’re struggling to afford rent, I believe you shouldn’t have to lose housing. When your situation has been down to the point where you’ve experienced homelessness, I believe you shouldn’t have to rebuild your life without support. When you’re looking for love, I believe you shouldn’t find it with abuse. When violence upends your life, or even takes a loved one, I believe you shouldn’t have to pick up the pieces alone.  When you’re starting a family, I believe in having a safe, fun place to help your children grow. I believe that the support received in these journeys should be empowering, compassionate, and capable of embracing diversity. I believe in being a part of how Waypoint makes a difference.  

Over the next couple of months, more stakeholders will be sharing their own beliefs in Waypoint. Please consider this your invitation to be a part of the “I Believe” campaign by sharing something about why you believe in Waypoint, giving anything you can to our campaign, and continuing to follow our journey of inspiring people to move forward.  


- Thoughts by Jade Riley, Waypoint’s Volunteer & Community Engagement Coordinator 

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Service Enterprise Certification

The national initiative created by Points of Light is described Service Enterprise as a program that “strengthens the capacity of nonprofits to fundamentally leverage volunteers and their skills to address community needs,” which is exactly what Waypoint needed to take the volunteer program to the next level.


Inspiring People for 130 Years

130 years ago, Waypoint started as Cedar Rapids’ chapter of the Young Women Christian’s Association (YWCA). In going over our history, it feels like we’ve been on the same journey of inspiring people to move forward in times of change since our inception. That has always been our central purpose, the foundation that has been our true north as we grew to become the Waypoint we are today...


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