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Lowe's Cleaning MPC2.jpgWaypoint is looking for passionate volunteers to share their skills and talents. Volunteer opportunities are available in several areas, including: Homeless & Housing Services, Domestic Violence Victim Services, Child Care, events, and more!  

Waypoint's volunteer vision

Waypoint is committed to leveraging the strength and skills of community volunteers to support and empower people in crisis to move forward in their lives. By strategically utilizing volunteers, Waypoint will ensure that:

  • a variety of opportunities are available for community members to gain new or utilize current skills while supporting our mission,
  • adequate training, support, and mentorship is offered,
  • volunteers feel empowered to advocate for proactive solutions to end poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence,
  • and the community understands the value and impact of their work, our programs, and the services offered.

Find the volunteer opportunity that fuels your passion

Read through our volunteer opportunity descriptions to determine which one fits your interests and schedule. Make sure to include your selections on your application. Once you have applied, Waypoint's Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview.

Printable volunteer application.

Editable volunteer application.

Printable short-term volunteer application.

Editable short-term volunteer application.

Looking for an internship?

Check out all of our available internship opportunities and gain valuable skills and experience while helping others!

Volunteer testimonials

Kaplan Painting 3.jpgStephanie, who volunteers with Waypoint's Domestic Violence Victim Services Program, appreciates Waypoint bringing the social work values she's learning in college to light. She said, "Waypoint has a person-centered approach allowing self-determination for the client which is what social work is all about. Advocacy work is not just empowering to clients, but to yourself as personal growth."

Hilda, who works with Waypoint's Homeless and Housing Services, enjoys supporting Waypoint because of the sense of community that surrounds staff and clients, stating "During the holidays when a lot of donations would come in... the front desk would ask for volunteers. People from all different departments - whoever was available. Everyone was happy to help and worked as a team to process the donations."

Matheus, a volunteer with the Waypoint's Accounting Department said, "I've had several positive experiences since I started as a volunteer intern here at Waypoint. Everyone is always supportive, allowing me to learn and grow a lot as a professional and a person."

Joe, a volunteeer with Waypoint's Domestic Violence Victim Services Program, was able to use his experience from his Human Resources career to help clients. "In my career, I sought work that I felt was important and meaningful. I feel the same about my volunteer experience at Waypoint. I may be retired, but what I do at Waypoint is fulfilling, and I believe I can make a difference in the lives of the clients they serve."

Thank you for your interest in helping Waypoint inspire people to move forward in their lives!

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