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Tribute honorees continue to make an impact through Women Helping Women Scholarships. Waypoint is honored to invite you to become a member of an exclusive society for women who have previously been nominated and recognized through the Tribute to Women of Achievement event. The Tribute Honor Society is a way for past honorees to continue to empower women to move forward in their lives. This yearly membership is a great way to help enrich the lives of women who are homeless, living in poverty, or victims of domestic violence.

Membership to Tribute Honor Society is $125 and includes:

  • A donation to the Women Helping Women Scholarship- a scholarship awarded to women who receive services at Waypoint to assist them in reaching their goals related to education, basic needs, or child care
  • One reservation for the Tribute to Women of Achievement Luncheon
  • Recognition at the Tribute to Women of Achievement Luncheon, on Waypoint's website, and on Waypoint's social media
  • Are you a past Tribute to Women of Achievement honoree? Join the Tribute Honor Society today!

2020 Scholarship Recipients (please note: names have been changed for confidentiality reasons)

Lucinda is a single mom of two kids, and her daughter has been enrolled with KidsPoint Child Care for the past six years. She first moved to Cedar Rapids from a different city and had no family or friends in the area. It was important to her to find child care she could trust, and Waypoint has since become her family. Lucinda was able to attend KidsPoint Child Care due to the assistance she received from Waypoint’s Family Support Program, which offers scholarships to families who do not qualify for state assistance. With support and guidance from her Family Support Specialist, Lucinda went from working for minimum wage to doubling her income working at a company that empowers people and offers advancement opportunities. In her free time, she volunteers with different groups in the community such as ‘Fired up for Single moms’ and the Salvation Army so she can help others the way people have helped her over the years. Lucinda will use the scholarship funds to cover the cost of her daughter’s child care.

Rashida came to Waypoint in 2018 through the Coordinated Entry Program while being housed at another shelter in the community. Rashida qualified for Waypoint’s Rapid Rehousing Program, which assisted her with identifying housing and provided rental assistance. In December, her Housing Specialist completed the inspection for Rashida’s potential new housing, and she was able to occupy the space in January of 2019. Rashida has now been in secure, stable housing for the last year. Waypoint also assisted Rashida with securing Social Security for her uncle, who she is the primary caregiver for, and completing the necessary paperwork to become a U.S. citizen. Rashida continues to work with Waypoint to ensure she is able to maintain her housing and keep moving forward for her and her family. She plans to use the scholarship funds to pay for her children's school tuition.

Julie got connected with Waypoint after seeking support from the church located next to Waypoint. She was looking for a safe place for her and her children after experiencing abuse from her partner for several years. She feared for her life and the safety of her children, and she knew it was time to make a change. When they left, they were only able to take a few clothing items and some important paperwork. “Waypoint has truly been a blessing to me and my family. My advocate helped me regain safety and stability and a support system for my family. Waypoint gave us a home again.” Julie is planning to use the scholarship funds to replace some of the things that were lost when she left her partner, including a lot of things for her children. She is also hoping to update security at their new home to ensure she and her family remain safe.

To become a member, please contact Brittany Appleton at 319.731.6118 or bappleton@waypointservices.org

2021 Tribute Honor Society Members

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