Get to know our leadership team

Waypoint's leadership team is composed of professionals who bring a wide array of experience and expertise to our Critical Services and Child Care Programs. Together, they work to provide innovative, proactive services for those in crisis due to homelessness, poverty, or domestic violence. 

Chief Executive Officer
(319) 731-6130

Mike Calef.jpg
Mike Calef
Chief Financial Officer
(319) 731-6145


Chief Development & Marketing Officer
(319) 731-6117


Managing Director of Critical Services
(319) 365-1458, ext. 6237

Director of Domestic Violence Victim Services
(319) 731-6159

Director of Homeless & Housing Services
(319) 731-6153

Terri Godwin prof. picture.jpgTerri Godwin
Managing Director of Child Care Services
(319) 365-1636, ext. 6243


KidsPoint Downtown Director
(319) 731-6121

KidsPoint C Street Director
(319) 294-1722, ext. 201

Carmen Ivey.jpgCarmen Ivey
Food Service Director
(319) 731-6138
Brad Wicher.jpg
Brad Wicher
Facilities Manager
(319) 731-6135
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