October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Waypoint is proud to be part of the effort to end domestic violence in our community. Domestic violence is a complex issue and requires a variety of approaches and solutions to help individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and income levels move forward.

To effectively serve all victims and survivors, Waypoint adheres to the following best practices within our Domestic Violence Program (DV Program).

1.       Mobile Advocacy: This strategy allows Waypoint’s Victim Advocates to meet with victims where they feel safe, whether it’s at a coffee shop, a grocery store, their vehicle, or one of Waypoint’s offices.

2.       Trauma-Informed Care: Waypoint staff members receive training to understand the widespread impact of trauma, recognize the signs of trauma, and avoid re-traumatization. This system helps facilitate healing and works in a way that empowers victims and survivors.

3.       Cultural Competence: Waypoint’s DV team is diverse and designed to respond to the varying needs and issues facing each victim.

4.       One-on-One Support: Each victim is connected with a Victim Advocate who will be their primary support while working with Waypoint. This helps create consistency of care and builds trust between the victim and Victim Advocate.

5.       Comprehensive Service Provider: Waypoint’s DV Program is comprehensive, meaning it includes a broad range of services and solutions to help victims and survivors, such as support groups, advocacy, and a 24/7 Resource & Support Line.

Want to get involved? Check out Waypoint’s Domestic Violence volunteer opportunities, learn how you can help a friend or family member experiencing abuse, support the Gentleman Campaign©, or donate to the DV program.

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Waypoint starts program to support fathers wanting to move forward

Waypoint is excited to announce a new initiative called the Caring Dads Program, which will be added to the multitude of services offered by the Domestic Violence Program. The Caring Dads Program has a goal of helping fathers improve their relationships with their children and end controlling, abusive, and neglectful behavior.


Mariam Gains Valuable Experience through Waypoint Internship

Waypoint gave me the experience in understanding how the nonprofit world works. Now I will be able to apply this knowledge in any future jobs I will have. I would not have been able to grow as a person without Waypoint and their staff helping me learn.


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