Mariam Al Maimani.jpgMy name is Mariam Almaimani. I started my internship with Waypoint on May 11 in the Resource Development & Marketing (RDM) department. I will now be entering my last semester at the University of Northern Iowa. I am a Psychology major with a minor in Mental Health and Family Studies. A lot of what I learn in my classes is what led me to interning at Waypoint! I wanted to be able to apply my knowledge of psychology to real life experiences. I knew that Waypoint would allow me to do this by giving me some hands-on experiences. I realized that I could do more than just complain about the unjust systems our country runs on and do something to help the people affected by this.

As I am in my last semester of college, I was looking for an internship to gain more experience. I had previously learned about Waypoint from a volunteer who came to my university and gave a guest lecture in one of my classes. They explained to us about Waypoint’s mission of moving people forward and what services they provided. In my search for an internship, I was reminded of their lecture and decided to apply for an internship position at Waypoint. I was so excited when I was notified that I had gotten the position after doing an interview. 

I was very nervous when I first started at Waypoint as I had a lot to learn, but the staff were very kind and understanding and helped me with all my questions and concerns. This made my internship experience very enjoyable! I got to work on a variety of tasks such as designing graphic, organizing marketing materials, and researching funding opportunities. This provided me with the chance to develop a wide range of skills. I also got the chance to work at the front desk and learn about the general operations at Waypoint. During my time at Waypoint, I got to meet many amazing staff members who all play a vital role in helping Waypoint run smoothly. I got to learn about their jobs and what it all entails to run a nonprofit. 

Waypoint gave me the experience in understanding how the nonprofit world works. Now I will be able to apply this knowledge in any future jobs I will have. I would not have been able to grow as a person without Waypoint and their staff helping me learn. Now that I am returning to campus and will begin classes, I will greatly miss all the staff at Waypoint. Waypoint helped me have an enjoyable summer full of new experiences and learning opportunities! 

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