Jen & Autumn1024_1.jpgMy name is Jennifer, and I started interning at Waypoint at the beginning of my senior year at the University of Iowa. At the time, I knew I wanted to focus on digital marketing and/or graphic design, but I also wanted to feel like I was giving back to the community while having control over projects that potentially could be assigned to me. Waypoint offered me an opportunity to learn and grow, but also to be independent. 

Right away, I was learning to be creative and innovative when creating, editing, and putting out marketing materials. Vonda, Waypoint’s Marketing Coordinator, who I worked most closely with, taught me how to analyze graphic designs, and my first graphic design was published to social media by October. The first semester of my time at Waypoint, however, was not enough for me personally. I knew that I could build more on my experiences and have a better understanding of graphic design. 

Research & Development Marketing.pngMy second semester was really when I felt most proud of the work I helped create, but also when I built the most connections with the individuals at Waypoint. This was the semester that I wrote about my experiences for my last class at Iowa, and every week, I had something to look back on, whether it was a professional or personal goal reached. What makes Waypoint such a wonderful place to intern and work at is the independence they foster. I could make this internship into whatever I wanted, and I felt supported throughout this experience. 

Looking back, it is hard to believe that my journey here is almost complete, but that is what Waypoint is for - a rest stop on a journey. I learned many skills that I can carry into future endeavors, have friendships that I know I can reflect on, and a killer portfolio with all that I learned as a Resource Development & Marketing Intern at Waypoint.

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