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June 11, 2019 at 9:23 AM

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Now that school is ending and summer has begun, KidsPoint School Age Kids are excited for the engaging summer they have planned! KidsPoint Summer Adventure Day Camps provide a variety of safe, age appropriate activities for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. From sports activities to crafts and cooking lessons, Summer Adventure Day Camp provides an array of activities to stay engaged during summer break. The camp takes weekly field trips to local attractions such as to the local swimming pool, the roller-skating rink, bowling alleys, and so much more!

KidsPoint Summer Adventure Day Camps provide convenient hours that stretch from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday so children can stay busy and active all summer long. What does a typical day at KidsPoint Summer Adventure Day Camp look like? Amanda, one of the kiddos in the program, told us what a typical day with KidsPoint looks like for her and her friends at KidsPoint.

Hi, everyone! My name is Amanda, and I just finished 2nd grade at Garfield Elementary School. I am so excited that I get to spend another summer with all of my friends at KidsPoint Summer Camp! I’d love to tell you about all the great things we get to do!

When mom drops me off in the morning, I get to hang out with my friends and play while we wait for everyone to show up. Once everyone has been dropped off, it’s time to wash hands and have our morning snack. Then our teachers tell us all about our plans for the day!

First, we start out with what our teachers call “structured play.” We get to do arts and crafts, science activities, cooking, dramatic play, and more! Once we are done with those activities, we work on reading and writing until it is time for lunch.

After eating a healthy meal, it is time for our special activity. This could be going swimming, going on a field trip, meeting new friends in the classroom, or other special events. These activities are different every day to make sure we stay busy and excited to be at camp! Once our special activity is over, it’s time to wash up again for afternoon snack.

After snack time, we are able to hang out with our friends and play in whatever way we like until our parents pick us up at the end of the day. With all of the activities, I am normally very tired. But I am always ready to come back the next day for even more fun!

KidsPoint Summer Adventure Day Camps are offered at three locations throughout Cedar Rapids each year: KidsPoint Downtown, KidsPoint C Street, and one elementary school in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. For more information about Summer Adventure Day Camps, visit our website at today!

*Please note. Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of our clients.


By Alexa Ganzeveld, Resource Development & Marketing Intern

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