10 Red Flags of Domestic or Dating Violence

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please contact our Domestic Violence Program at 800.208.0388.

If you are contacting your Advocate directly and do not reach them, please leave a detailed message with good contact information and someone should return your call within 24 hours.

Familiarizing yourself with the 10 Red Flags of Domestic Violence or Dating Violence is crucial in keeping yourself and others safe. Many times, these signs are overlooked, and by making them better known, Waypoint is helping address domestic/dating violence within the community.

Recognize the 10 Red Flags of Domestic Violence:

  1.  Jealousy: uses jealousy as a sign of love
  2.  Intimidation: induces fear
  3.  Domination: sets all the rules
  4.  Fault finding: passes judgment and constantly criticizes
  5.  Possessive: treats partner like property
  6.  Disrespect: has negative attitudes about women or other partners
  7.  Controlling: makes all the decisions
  8.  Entitled: believes they have the right to say or do whatever
  9.  Hypocrite: has different standards and rights for self than others
  10.  Isolation: keeps friends or family away

Sharing some similarities to the 10 Red Flags of Domestic Violence, the 10 Red Flags of Dating Violence are distinct in the way they typically apply to younger individuals and are often pre-cursors to future acts of domestic violence.

Recognize the 10 Red Flags of Dating Violence:

  1.  Checking cell phone or email without permission
  2.  Constant put-downs
  3.  Extreme jealousy or insecurity
  4.  Explosive temper
  5.  Isolation from family or friends
  6. Making false accusations
  7. Creating fear for one's safety
  8.  Intimidations - induces fear
  9.  Treats partner like property
  10.  Controlling - makes all the decisions

Raise awareness within your school, workplace, or group: If you belong to a school or organization that would benefit from this information, consider inviting Waypoint to speak or distribute materials. This simple act can help make a difference in the lives of those experiencing abuse. Contact Jade Riley at 319.731.6118 for more information. 

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If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of domestic or dating violence, Waypoint's Victim Advocates are available 24/7 through the Resource & Support Line at 800.208.0388. You deserve to be heard, and Waypoint is here to help.

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